Honey, I Shrunk the Purge!
One person wants and enchantment… What is that actually?


“Well hello there…  Buddy.”  Edward took his time picking the term to settle on.  ”I am Edward Lyons, master enchanter.  If you want something to do magical things that hadn’t before, I am your man.  So… Do you want something of yours to do magic?”

That all depends. Can it help me return back to my normal height?


“I have not considered exploring at such a size. You have to wonder what the land is like through such a view.”

It’s scary and everything is out to kill you. Exploring at this size is rather tough sometimes. I wouldn’t willingly do it unless you’re prepared to defend yourself.

((Heading off, night!))


“Yes. I’m about to embark on an adventure, even if only to refine my ability.”

Really? It sounds interesting. Maybe I should start considering this nasty effect on me as an adventure as well!


That’s a shame. I quite like being alone.

Well too bad. You’re just going to have to suck it up and enjoy being with me for a while.


“I still practice, but I have not fought anything of the sort. Simply casting spells at nothing may not be enough to properly maintain skill.”

I see. So what you’re saying is that you need to do some target practice then, am I right?


I see.

And was curiosity of my continued existence all that brought you here?

…Well to be honest, I don’t want to be alone either.


You had no strength to carry crayons across to relay messages?

In that suit, at that size? I couldn’t even dream of picking up a crayon!


To make you even smaller than you already had been? Or do you speak of a different tale now?

Yeah! The suit also causes me to lose my voice, hence why I was so silent. Good thing I was able to get it off.


You really ought to learn how to avoid trusting her.

I didn’t trust her! She came up and captured me, forcing the suit on me!